The Greater Maryland Paranormal Society is a not-for-profit group whose purpose is to research and investigate evidence of paranormal phenomenon using practices and methods which are scientific in nature. Greater Maryland Paranormal Society is based in the Baltimore, Maryland area and covers Maryland and all surrounding states, and we will travel if needed.
Our goal is to investigate clams of paranormal activity and to help all who are dealing with something paranormal in nature. And it does not matter if it's a private resident, business or historical location.

Part of our investigation of all locations include a full background search of your location, which can include both researching the former owners of the property and historical significance to the location.

We use the most up to date equipment when investigating your location, that include EMF detectors, voice recorders, DVR system with night vision camera and inferred illuminators, digital cameras, inferred photography, camcorders, digital thermometers, and much more. All in a effort to capture what bothers you.

The GMPS always approaches each investigation with skepticism in order to better serve you. Its not that we don't believe you and what's happening to you, but in order to help you we do all we can to find all possible reasons for what's happening. What ever we find and can't debunk becomes evidence. But we do not ever clam to rid, banish, cleanse or do any exorcisms at your location. We are investigators only.

As our clients, your info will never be shared with anyone at anytime unless we receive written permission from you first. Your privacy is first above all else as we understand that you might not want anyone to know what's going on.

Please feel free to navigate our webpage for more information on our services that range from a private consultation with professional paranormal investigators to a full investigation. And be sure to contact us with any questions.



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  • New contact number for the GMPS team. Please feel free to call us at any time if you are in need of our help at 240-343-GMPS. Please be sure to leave a return number, the best time to call and what's going on.
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The GMPS team does not charge our clients for our services. But we do accept donations from people who believe in our work. So please if you are one of them please donate to our Paypal account above or check out our GMPS Swag store. All funds raised from the sale of the items and donations all go to the upkeep of our equipment and helps us continue to help others with out charging a fee.